NecroSearch International, Inc. provides assistance to law enforcement agencies in the search for and recovery of human remains and associated evidence.


Please note: While NecroSearch would like to assist families and friends in their search for a loved one, we cannot. NecroSearch only responds to law enforcment requests for assistance so that we do not compromise a case or its evidence.


 Typical Assistance Scenario


A law enforcement investigator contacts NecroSearch via phone or email and gives a brief overview of the case.

Q & A

The investigator will be provided with a detailed questionnaire that asks case related questions.


The completed questionnaire is reviewed by NecroSearch members to determine the optimum methodology to assist in the investigation.


NecroSearch members confer with the investigator to establish an operational plan. At this stage, remote sensing specialists will also review available air photographs and satellite images. Members will also advise the investigator of resources in addition to those offered by NecroSearch.

Field Assistance

If requested, a NecroSearch field team then conducts a site investigation under the direction of the requesting agency. Field investigations typically start with a sequence of non-invasive methods (such as botanical analysis and ground penetrating radar), and may progress to excavation.


NecroSearch members are able to provide expert testimony pertaining to the case. NecroSearch members assist in a case for expenses only up to the point of courtroom testimony. Expert witness fees may apply in court.


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